About Reliance Business Solutions

Honesty and Integrity are Here to Stay

Each year, Reliance Business Solution provides at-cost credit card processing for 3 new non-profit organizations, giving up our profit margin on these accounts to help them help the communities we serve. We know integrity has to be more than words. That’s why we don’t ask you to believe in us, just to try Reliance Business Solutions and experience the difference. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Promise to You

We will strive to save you every penny we can while providing a secure, high-quality credit card processing experience. We believe in 24/7 service to all of our merchants. If you’re losing sleep, we will too! No 1-800 number to a foreign service desk. You’ll be taken care of by a knowledgeable staffer who probably knows you on a first name basis. Hometown service and trustworthiness, the way it used to be.

Meet the Reliance Business Solutions

Principal Team Members

Diann Donaldson

The Owner and President of Reliance Business Solutions, Diann has 10 years experience in Merchant Services and opened her own ISO a few years ago. She received the Washington County Leadership scholarship to participate in the county’s growth and heritage. Diann is the past president of the Westmoreland Business Referral Association and belongs to the Norwin Chamber of Commerce.


Diann loves what she does because of the people she surrounds herself with and the friendships made along the way. “Our company motto is – It is not what you make, it is what you get to keep.” Diann is always looking out for the best interest of her merchants.

Dave Collins
Merchant Advisor

A Merchant Advisor at Reliance Business Solutions, Dave has 15 years experience as a manager in the independent telephone industry and was a telecommunications analyst for fortune 500 companies NCR and MEAD Data Central.  He most recently was a business owner in the insurance industry before transitioning to merchant services, an opportunity that allowed him to return to the Irwin area to help with family.


He does a lot of traveling back and forth to Ohio where his older children live and attend college. Dave has an extensive business background in telecommunications, Insurance and Merchant Services and he brings fresh ideas to Reliance Business Solutions.


Dave will be serving all of Ohio and Western PA. With his extensive knowledge in Merchant Services, we are excited to add Dave as a valuable part of our team.

Their prices are very competitive and they have the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE anywhere!!

– Maryann Perrotte, In Tune With the Arts Studios, Inc, and Creative Maintenance and Design Services, Inc.

Looking for a reliable partner to introduce you to the world of credit card processing, or an experienced agency that can solve your merchant account challenges? Contact Reliance Business Solutions today!