Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Credit Card Services? At Reliance Business Solutions, we have your answer, along with a selection of credit card processing options. Let us recommend the right solution for your business.


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Working with Diann has made credit card processing easy. If there has ever been a problem, she has been quick to resolve it. I would highly recommend her company.

– Dan Hudock, Sandler Training

What do you mean when you say you offer an umbrella of select credit processing lines?

In the same way your insurance broker calls on her professional relationships with various companies to supply the best coverage for a given client, Reliance Business Solutions offers services from a variety of processing companies – including those who specialize in high-risk clients.

Can you explain “qualified rates” vs. “unqualified rates?”

The Merchant Services industry is filled with complex lingo. We make every effort to explain things in plain English and how these terms apply to you. A 1.13 qualified rate might be good, if you swipe cards, but what if you take payment online? We go past the numbers and the jargon to show side by side comparisons of what is best for you, in your unique circumstances.

What is your rate? Why don’t you your list rates on the website?

Since we tailor our services to the specific needs of your business, rates vary depending on the nature of the business, what service provider is best for you, and the level of risk your business presents. We know one rate doesn’t fit all and we give you the advantage of our knowledge and our industry relationships to find the solution that works for you.

Your rates are lower, but I already invested in equipment. Can I keep my existing terminal?

In many cases, yes. At Reliance Business Solutions, we have software solutions that work with your existing terminal. Unfortunately, some merchant service companies force you to use proprietary equipment which will only work with their service, essentially holding you hostage. If that is the case, there is nothing anyone can do; however, we can sell you replacement point of sale terminals almost at cost.

Do you work with high risk clients?

Absolutely. We work with all manner of high risk clients, from pawn shops and online pharmacies to travel services and catalog sales. High risk means different things to different processors. A troubled but improving credit history could make your business high risk, or simply the nature of your industry, such as website hosting, could make you high risk in the eyes of some processors.

If I need assistance with my payment system, where do I go?

Come right to us. A principal of the business – Diann or one of her expert staff – will be available to help, even if you need emergency response on a weekend. At Reliance Business Solutions, you never need to worry about knowing your Merchant ID Number. We strive for old-fashioned, home town customer service, and that means we know you and your needs.

Is it true that I can purchase my equipment directly from Reliance Business Solutions?

That’s right. No need to search elsewhere. Unlike some companies that hold you hostage with proprietary equipment, that isn’t our policy. We sell equipment at close to cost and, with existing merchants, if the equipment breaks, we often replace it for free. No one else does that. We will finance equipment, 90 days, same as cash, no interest. This avoids leasing charges just when you’re getting started and need your cash for other things.

How do I know if Reliable Business Solutions is the choice for me?

The first step is to fax over a statement or, if you would prefer a face to face interview, we will make an appointment to visit your location (generally within the Pittsburgh area). We’ll match your business with the best fit in credit card processing services, then do a side-by-side comparison with your present service to show you the difference.

You offer a lot for a very reasonable price. How do you manage?

You’re worried that our reasonable rates mean we’re cutting corners, let us reassure you. At Reliance Business Solutions we adhere to the highest industry standards and PCI compliance regulations. Our low rates and great service mean we don’t often lose clients, because there is nothing the competition can offer that will improve the situation. As every business owner knows, keeping clients is less expensive than attracting new ones. By keeping our customer base loyal, we can offer a lot without cutting corners. Word of mouth does the rest.

Is Reliance Business Solutions a new company?

Reliance Business Solutions is the current branding of an independent merchant services (credit card processing company) founded by Diann Donaldson. Over the years, the company has been associated with various payment solution providers, including Nationwide Payment Solutions (NPS). Our new identity reflects our expanded goal to provide an umbrella of select credit processing lines to our customers.

Do you have merchant service programs for non-profits, churches, and other charitable organizations?

Yes. No matter your business or the nature of your organization, we are always looking for the proper fit of merchant services and credit card processing for you. To learn more, visit our Merchant Services page, or contact Reliance Business Solutions today for more information.

When I was looking to change my credit card company I wanted someone who would walk me through the process and give me personal customer service. Diann came to my office, set up my system, gave me her cell number and said to call her any time with questions or concerns. I called her at 10 p.m. one evening with a problem and she not only answered her phone but gave me peace of mind and was able to clear up the problem on the spot. Their prices are very competitive and they have the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE anywhere!!

– Maryann Perrotte, In Tune With the Arts Studios, Inc, and Creative Maintenance and Design Services, Inc.