Gift and Loyalty Cards

Latest Gift Card Options

New!  Reliance Transactions now offers the latest Gift and Loyalty programs from Nationwide Payment Solutions.


In addition to all the traditional benefits of Gift and Loyalty cards (see information below), our new NPS programs bring your business into the 21st century with features like:


  • Collecting customer data in order to build a customer data base
  • Text messaging option to alert customers about daily specials and sales
  • No more manual tracking!  Electronic gift cards substantially decrease the amount of time it takes to record certificate information and perform the transaction – increasing gift certificate sales up to 15% over paper-based programs
  • Issue store credits on gift cards to increase chances of higher value purchases upon return
  • Send out gift cards with pre-set values as “coupons” to local businesses, schools, and offices as a way to attract new customers.


We work with you through the entire process to make sure your Gift and Loyalty program is set up in a way that meets the needs of your individual business and provides for a successful program.  Contact Reliance Transactions today!

Credit Card Processing Services

Reliance Business Solutions offers a complete range of payment technologies to merchants for retail, e-commerce, direct software integration, and customer payment applications. For each of these, we supply a selection of secure and reliable state-of-the art services. We provide:


– Merchant Account Service for Credit Card Transactions

– Supports to All Major Credit and Debit Cards

– E-check and ACH Transactions

– Electronic Benefits Transfer

– Recurring Bill Payments

– Online Credit Card Payments

– Gift and Store Value Cards

– Services for High Risk clients


All with advance virtual terminal and payment gateway solutions. Contact us today to learn more, or visit our in-depth service pages on: Payment Technologies, Mobile Solutions, Virtual Terminal, Municipal Solutions, and Gift Cards.


Concerned about recovery of bad checks and dishonored ACHs?  Learn about Checkmarc check recovery, available exclusively to Nationwide Payment Solutions merchant accounts.

Show Customers You Value Their Business

Loyalty cards are a fantastic way to show customers you value their business. Incentives reward loyal buying, encouraging repeat business. You can structure rewards so that customers come to you because only you offer this particular incentive, separating you out from “one-size fits all” discounts.


This is certain to bring in valuable word-of-mouth advertising – one of the surest ways to get a new customer through the door.


Contact Reliance Business Solutions today to get your own gift card and loyalty program started. It’s a great way to get customers using your business and keep them coming back!