Accept Credit Cards at NO COST to your Municipality

Now your municipality can accept credit card payments for:


  • Property Taxes
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Water, Sewer & Refuse
  • Court & Bond Fees
  • Auto (DMV)
  • Fish & Game
  • Utilities


MuniciPAY is a government payment solution customized to allow a convenient payment option for citizens, while at the same time preventing your municipality from absorbing the processing costs associated with card acceptance.


The rules of the Major Credit Card Association now allow Government entities to assess a ‘convenience fee’ on transactions paid via credit card, as long as that fee is processed as a separate transaction and is clearly identified to the cardholder. Want to learn more?  Contact Reliance Business Solutions today.

Advantages of Using MuniciPAY

MuniciPAY is a division of Nationwide Payment Solutions, one of the service providers with which Reliance Business Solutions works.  The service allows municipalities to increase cash flow, improve operational efficiency, and reduce NSF checks.  Other advantages include:


  • Now you can offer more payment options for the services you provide
  • No equipment to buy or install
  • Over-the-counter, key-entered, mail, and phone transactions supported
  • Expedited cash flow.  Funds are deposited directly to you municipality’s account on the 2nd business day after the transaction date.
  • Ease of use and control access, as well as real-time, detailed reporting and reconciliation


Want to learn more about how MuniciPAY can help your municipality or local government agency collect service fees and provide convenience of payment to your citizens?  Contact Reliance Business Solutions today.