Payment Technologies

Almost at Cost · 90 Days Same as Cash
Free Downloads · Keep Your Present Terminal

Have you heard those words from your Merchant Service Company? Most merchant account services push to sell you thousands of dollars in point of sale software (POS) and credit card processing equipment. At Reliance Business Solutions, we look for the right solution, one that meets your needs at a cost you can afford. Without cutting corners


– Stand alone terminals – almost at cost
– 90 days, same as cash
– If you have a terminal, download our point of sale software for free
– Keep your present terminal
– No holding you hostage with proprietary equipment
– Virtual Terminals
– Inventory Control and Management without expensive software


Our point of sale systems provide for all your needs, helping you to track inventory, customers, profit, and employee time. Whether your business is large or small, information is power. Contact us today to learn more.

Side by Side Cost Analysis

Let Reliance Business Solutions run the numbers for you. Make an appointment with one of our merchant account specialists (not a commissioned salesman). We’ll take an objective look at your current credit card processing system. If we can’t save you money, we’ll advise you to stick with the deal you have.


Lower cost for our clients is the goal, honesty and integrity is the way we do business. Offering advance virtual terminal and payment gateway solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

A Partner for the Future

Our success relies on you. At Reliance Business Solutions most of our customers come by word-of-mouth and qualified referrals. If we’re counting on you to tell your friends we’re the best, how do you think we’re going to treat you?


We know you’re busy today and every day, so when you take the time to contact Reliance Business Solutions, we know you’re serious about doing the best you can for your company. We respect that, and we’ll do our best for you.

"It's not what you make; it's what you get to keep."

– Diann Donaldson