Ambur POS System

Ambur is a Powerful and Easy-to-use Point of Sale System for your Restaurant.

Ambur makes Point-of-Sale credit transactions easy and profitable for your restaurant.


Process credit card payments on an iPad, iPad mini, iPod or iPhone. Ambur is also compatible with the Magtek, iDynamo and uDynamo readers.  Accept Cards On Any Device.


Customize your receipts, your layout, payment options and more. Your needs are unique and Ambur is designed to provide the data you want to see for your business.  Contact us today to speak with an expert on Ambur Point of Sale technology.

System Overview

  • Powerful and Easy to Use. Ambur makes the point of sale experience as enjoyable as possible. Contact us and we’ll make sure you order everything you need. With free updates, you always have an up-to-date POS system.
  • Detailed Reporting. Ambur provides the detailed reports you need to understand your business. Each report is customizable to meet your needs for useful information.
  • Save Your Sales Data. All your data is stored right on the iPad or other device.  You can check  inventory or run a sales report for last year, right from your iPad. No need to delete old records to make space.
  • View, Print or Share Reports. Every report can be viewed on your devicel, printed from any receipt printer, or emailed.
  • Export Reports as CSV Files. CSV reports can be opened directly in Excel and other spreadsheet software, making it easy to get even more information from Ambur.
  • Your Menu in Ambur.  Putting your menu in Ambur is easy. Organize menu items in categories, apply unique tax rates where needed, and more.
  • Control What Employees Can Do.  With Ambur you can control employee access and permissions for each user.
  • PCI Compliant. Ambur is a PCI compliant iPad POS solution, with all card data being encrypted by the reader. Transactions are routed to your processor via a secure gateway.


To learn more, contact Reliance Business Solutions today!