Electronic Check & ACH Recovery

Exclusive to Nationwide Payment Solution Merchants

Payment TechnologiesCheckmarc makes accepting checks as safe as cash!  Electronic check and ACH transaction recovery allows you the freedom to accept checks with confidence!

  • No contract fees of equipment purchases
  • You receive 100% of the face value of the bad checks/ACH transactions we recover
  • Avoid uncomfortable customer service problems for yourself and your staff
  • We even pursue legal remedies as needed

All this and we are always mindful of your customer relationships and work in ways that don’t offend or alienate your customers.  To learn more, contact Reliance Business Solutions today!

Checkmarc is a FREE service offered exclusively to Nationwide Payment Solution merchant accounts.

Payment TechnologiesCheckmarc Check & ACH Recovery Service is an outstanding "reactive" service dedicated to helping business owners and banks recover dishonored checks or ACHs.  This service is offered exclusively to Nationwide Payment Solution merchant accounts.

Benefits for Community Banks

  • Increase commercial client retention with a bank-branded, new free service.
  • Increase bank profits with a new revenue center from shared recovery fees.
  • Increase deposit volume for the bank from recovered items.
  • Reduces bank expenses by eliminating IRDs.

Learn More

Download the following resources to learn more: (Adobe Reader required.)

Combines Electronic and Traditional Recovery

With Checkmarc we electronically process and attempt to recover all dishonored items received.  We then submit your recovered funds via direct deposit through the ACH network.

Statistics show our recovery rates for some merchants increase as much as 60%, resulting in an overall recovery rate of 80% to 85% for NSF checks.

If electronic recovery of a dishonored item isn't successful, the item immediately transfers to our traditional recovery service.  We skip trace the bad check writer, report them to bad check databases, send a registered letter, makes phone calls and, if necessary, pursue legal remedies. 

Finally, we are always mindful of your customer relationships and work in ways that don't offend or alienate your customers.

Want to learn more? Call 724-929-2852.  We know you’re busy today and every day, so when you take the time to contact Reliance Business Solutions, we know you’re serious about doing the best you can for your company. We respect that, and we’ll do our best for you.


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