"Accept electronic rental payments for Apartment Complexes, Office Buildings, Vacation Rentals, and Storage Facilities.  A perfect, low cost payment solution."

-- Diann Donaldson 

ePayments for Property Managers

Secure rental payments online or at payment kiosks

Reliance now offers eRentalPay, a secure electronic payment system from eKS Payment Solutions, one of the nation's premier POS gateway providers.

eRentalPay empowers property owners to receive rental payments online or at a convenient self-serve stations using a touch screen kiosk. Low cost start up options make eRentalPay attractive, and the system's back-end interface helps you better manage rental accounts, making sure payments are applied to the right accounts quickly and with minimal effort. Phone numbers, emergency contacts, payment status: all available at the click of a mouse.

  • Reduce delinquency by accepting Credit Cards, e-Checks, and ACH payments
  • Provide user friendly payment kiosks, or take payments online
  • Send email reminders, view account balances, and auto-calculate late fees
  • A secure payment system that provides your renters with an emailed receipt

eRentaPayl KioskAs the economy moves more and more toward electronic transactions, your property management office cannot afford to be left behind. If you’ve never used credit card merchant services before, now is the time to consider accepting electronic payments for rental services. Contact Reliance Business Solutions today to learn more.

Rental Payment Kiosks

Make it easy for your rental customers to make payments 24/7 using a touch-screen kiosk.

A variety of Kiosk models are available, and all units arrive Internet and Wi-Fi ready. Receipts are emailed to renters automatically.  Your designated administrator receives payment confirmation and funds are deposited directly into your account.

All kiosks run on the Windows 7 Operating System and include a 64-bit dual core processor – 250 GB. They have a one year warranty. (An additional two year warranty is available upon request.)

Contact us today to learn more. 

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